About1This is a first time collaboration of the furniture- and interior designer Ólafur Þór Erlendsson and the textile artist and designer Þóra Björk Schram.

Þóra Björk Schram
 | Designer and artist

Þóra Björk graduated from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 1992, was a visiting scholar in Staden Håndverks- og Kunstindustriskolen in Oslo, Norway in 1991 and studied at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, USA, 1985-1986.

Þóra Björk has since then participated in various exhitibions in Iceland, Slovenia and England. She most recently participated in 100% Design (Emerging Brands) in London in 2015. This is her fifth time participating in DesignMarch.

Among Þóra Björk’s current projects is an exquisite textile line consisting of hand made Icelandic woolen decorative tufted rugs that are based on Icelandic nature.

Ólafur Þór Erlendsson
 | Furniture- and interior architect, FHI

Ólafur Þór graduated from Danmarks Designskole in 1994 and has since then been working as an independent designer and an architect. This is his fourth time participating in DesignMarch. Ólafur Þór has participated in numerous exhitions world wide and perhaps the most prestigious of them all was VARDE: The Nordic Design Programme 1994-1995 which travelled to London, Rome, Berlin, Vienna and Budapest.

Among his other current design projects is another collaborative project with a graphic designer Sylvía Kristjánsdóttir. Their products are sold at various locations and the line consists of functional household items that are based on well known Icelandic nursery rhymes.